The future of Art Blue?

I know my future because I publish backwards. My articles in rezmagazine show why it is as it is. Art Blue is an Avatar created by Ervare with the mission to combine Art with other fields of interest, mainly social science.

Ervare stand in Afrikaans for “the old man knowing.” Also Ervare is the recode of Reiner. The recode itself is outperformed by the ROT-13 method. You see the traces? If not, then it might be time to read rezmagazine, time to focus on history, time to understand that the future comes by understanding the past, mainly the past in computing, the early stages of computing and the predicitions once made.

Carying 45 years of deep computing on my shoulders [and also a rucksack with some other areas which have not much to do with computing at all] I wrote my memoirs and published them on Amazon: The Gods of Informatics. That is the very best way to get to know the one who created Art Blue.

To get a glimpse of the future of Art Blue is more fun to read. Traveler 3326 did a great job and published my future: Not Sand, Not Sound.

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