When you start to search on IMMERSIVE INTERACTIVE ART you may be overwhelmed by the results. By seeking the roots you might be easily misguided. I met Herbert W. Franke at the age of 15 at high school. He invited me to present my computer drawings to his students at the Departement of Art Education at the University of Munich. I became there a co-tutor, being younger as the students [*LOL]. Three years later the Head of the department Prof. Hans Daucher assigned me to teach “Computer Drawing in the Arts.” This was in 1976. [Backup of publishing in CG&A 1978 is here, page 20ff]. If you ever want to know the roots of Programmed Art and what happened over the last 40 days then read my memoirs published at Amazon. If you like to know the future of computing in the arts then you are right here with Art Blue, Zima Blue, Kunst Blue and other Blue ALTs I run [*LOL*] in the Hypergrid. Just join one of the projects. Maybe WORLD IN A FRIDGE?

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