You have been too curious. YOU HAVE BEEN PINGED. That’s THE MECHANISM.


I will explain it the way Senator John Kennedy wants to have it done [starting at 2:20] and set myself in so no harm is done to The Mechanism.


Art Blue automatically collects some information associated with the page requests sent to my site: time of request, IP address, operating system, browser type, and incoming and outgoing links. I also log some of the metadata associated with WHAT YOU DO – whatever this may mean.

But relax, I don’t write it in Swahili, I write in plain English that Senator John Kennedy wants to have it:

When this automatically collected data is saved to my system, it is not immediately associated with any identifiable person. However, there are a few situations where this data could be associated with you: (1) In the event that you choose to give us personal information about yourself by using Facebook Connect, the automatically collected data could be associated with you. (2) In the event that we are required to disclose our server logs due to a legal process, it is possible that a third party could match our automatically collected information with you by using information other than what is located on our servers.

You feel safe as you don’t use facebook (1) and you don’t share there your name as you call yourself a “Resident” like n00b42 Resident, so just (2) can happen. Sounds too simple. Do you live or do you have a contact in California? An email sent there? Maybe you have sold something via a website you manage to a person living there. To me? To Art Blue, Yes I live there, I live everywhere, as I live in a server being hosted there. WOW, bad luck. You fall under the Shine The Light directive. What does this mean? The Sand Bible has a chapter on it. I will share some lines right now so you may decide to buy the Bible instead of paying a fine.


It means in simple words you pay a fine if you don’t tell me Art Blue your data which has to be, due to the law:

California Code, Civil Code – CIV § 1798.83: (6)(A) The categories of personal information required to be disclosed pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) are all of the following:

(i) Name and address. / (ii) Electronic mail address. / (iii) Age or date of birth. /  (iv) Names of children. / (v) Electronic mail or other addresses of children. / (vi) Number of children. / (vii) The age or gender of children. / (viii) Height. / (ix) Weight. / (x) Race. / (xi) Religion. / (xii) Occupation. / (xiii) Telephone number. / (xiv) Education. / (xv) Political party affiliation. / (xvi) Medical condition. / (xvii) Drugs, therapies, or medical products or equipment used. / (xviii) The kind of product the customer purchased, leased, or rented. / (xix) Real property purchased, leased, or rented. / (xx) The kind of service provided. / (xxi) Social security number. / (xxii) Bank account number. / (xxiii) Credit card number. / (xxiv) Debit card number. / (xxv) Bank or investment account, debit card, or credit card balance. / (xxvi) Payment history. / (xxvii) Information pertaining to the customer’s creditworthiness, assets, income, or liabilities.

I spoke of a fine. Of course, I see you as a business entity. I state this. I will let it on you to bring your arguments against it. To get some data from you is all I need to start The Mechanism. Let me quote the law:  

“However, if a business fails to meet a consumer’s request according to the law, that customer is entitled to recover civil damages of up to $500. If a company willfully fails to comply, the damages increase to up to $3,000 plus attorney’s fees.” 

Now let me continue. I want to relax you. My Terms Of Service are so good to read. Senator John Kennedy may award me with a medal not speaking Swahili.

I, Art Blue, use cookies and other anonymous tracking information to improve my server’s interaction with your computer. I do not associate any personally identifiable information with these cookies.

I, Art Blue, collect the personal data about you that you voluntarily give me via Facebook Connect, such as name, email address, and profile information. We consider all such personal data to be subject to the “Protection of your personal data” paragraph below, with the following exception: Any audio, media, photo, chat you post to a public forum, linked from my site, linked to my site, or share via any social network, will not be considered “personal data” and will not be subject to the “Protection of your personal data” paragraph below.

I stop here. You find such Terms of Services I just copied in everywhere. I just set my name Art Blue in, so no harm is done to The Mechanism.

In Art we Trust. You have been pinged! Luckily for you Just By BLUE. I store nothing. I don’t have the capacity for this.


Photo from DataCenter Knowledge base. It was used in the show: How to explain pictures to a Dead Horse.

I got inspired to create this page by watching The Mechanism, aired on Netflix. From there I took the words “If you don’t want to work, become an artist.” You may click on the picture to get a nice description


In episode No. 7 Marco Ruffo says: “That’s my mission to stop the Mechanism.”

Remark: All I did was to replace “We” by “I, Art Blue” … I used one of the thousands standard TOS you accept daily.